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At Expect Best we specialise in website design and development. Our services are available to anyone who needs a new website built, no matter what industry you are in and what your requirements are for the website.


Before we get our designer to mock up plans and graphics for your website we will have a meeting with you to decide on what you want the website to look like and how you want it to function as well. In this meeting, we will be able to understand more of what you want. You can tell us the colours you want on the website, the sort of images you want to use and where you want to use them. Once we have all the details, we need we will then get our designer to mock up a homepage graphic for you to look at, then you can give us feedback on what to amend if you need anything amended. Then we can even put a mobile design together for you or we can design a few pages if you want to see what they will look like. When you are happy with all the designs, we have done for you we can then send them off to our development team.


When setting up your site we need to make sure you have a domain name and a server to run the site on. We can help you find and purchase a domain name and we can also put your website onto our server with a yearly hosting fee. Once that is all sorted, we will start to build your site on a CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress. This system will allow us to create your website with any feature, function or system you need without having to code a lot. Once the site is built it will be much easier for you to go into the backend of the site and edit any content you want to. This is a massive benefit to you as you wouldn’t have to get into contact with us every time you need to update something on your site. WordPress also has good security and you also have the option to improve this security by adding on plugins that will make your site more secure. When creating the site, it doesn’t matter if you are just displaying your services that people will then enquire about or if you need an eCommerce site where people can buy your products straight from the site our developers will be able to do this for you. We will keep in close contact with you throughout the process to make sure that you are happy with how the site is coming together.

Photography & Videography

When you have a new site, it is very common to want new images and videos to use on the site. Our team can come down to your workplace to take photos of products, services and generic images to use on the site. If you are based in or around Poole our team will be able to take these photos and film the videos at any time. If we have already done some designs for your website, we can use those designs as guidance to know what we need to capture. We can also use our 360-degree camera to capture the whole of a factory or a showroom and then we can put this onto your website so people can have a look around and see what you have to offer. We can also create virtual tours with this that will make your website look so much more modern with the latest technology being used on your site. Our video production can help you out a lot as well. This is because we can create some good-looking professional videos that will help promote your brand and help people understand your services. The sort of videos we can create for you are explainer videos, where you can help people understand more about your services. We can also do a tour of your workplace, factory, showroom, anything that you want to show off to people. Once we have filmed everything we can then go back to our offices and edit the video together, in this process we can make a smooth video with background music and subtitles if you need them. We can also do animated videos for you and this is also a very good way of doing the explainer videos to talk through one of your complicated services that not many people may understand. These types of videos can be made quickly and efficiently to help save you money.


When you have a new website, it is always good to run an SEO campaign to start getting it to the top of the Google search rankings. This way Google will be directing more traffic towards your website and the ultimate goal of doing this is to increase the enquires and the sales coming from your site. It doesn’t matter how big your business is there are always people looking for services like yours. When you start an SEO campaign, we do recommend you run it for at least 6 – 12 months to see how much progress your website can make, we recommend this amount of time because SEO can take a little while to take effect. We can optimise all of the content on your site and then once all of that is completed, we will then create our own content on your site based upon the keywords that you want us to target. At the beginning of every month, that will update you on your website’s rankings and it will also tell you if you have improved since we last sent you a report. You will also receive a Google analytics report from us that will tell you the number of people that have visited your site and you will also be able to see how long people stayed on your site for.

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Question? The answer is usually yes.