Web Developer Bournemouth

We have great web development service for any business, it doesn’t matter if you are a small local business in Bournemouth or a large corporate company. We will be able to design and develop a website for you.


When we first talk to you, we will discuss what you would like the web site to look like and what kind of functions you also want with it. You can tell us if there is a website you like the look of and we can follow a similar style to that and get our designer to mock up some pages you can look at. Once you have received our designs, you can get back to us with feedback and if you want anything changed. We will also create some mobile designs if you want to see what your site will look like on a mobile device. Once you are all happy with the designs, we can send them off to our development team that will set up your site and starting working on putting it together for you.


When setting up your site we will use a CMS called WordPress, this system will allow us to create your site quickly and accurately, this will not only save you money in the process of building your site but will also make it easier for you to edit content yourself once the web site is built by our developers. WordPress is also known for its great security and with the help of plugins, you can ensure this with one that will make sure site more secure than ever. While our developers are building the site, we will be in contact with you to make sure that you are happy with what we are building for you. Not only will we make sure the site looks great on your desktop computer but we will make sure that the mobile version of the site works with full functionality. Once the whole site has been built you can have a look through the site and if you are happy with the outcome you can sign off all of the work.

Photography and Videography

When building a new site, it is always good to have new images and videos. We can send some of our team to your workplace if you are based in or around Bournemouth, to take images of your products, services and other generic photos you can use on the site. We can also take 360-degree photos that will look amazing on a new modern site. These photos can also be used on your social media and other platforms having us do this for you will serve multiple purposes. With our videography team, they will be able to film a promotion like video for your new site in which you can explain some of your services and how you can help your clients/customers. Our team can then edit the video to your liking and produce a high-quality HD video for you to use on the website and also post on social media. Our team can also put together animated videos for you. These can be anything from explaining one of your services or products to telling people about your business and telling your story. Our team will be able to create a storyboard for you to look at before we start to create the animation itself and then once that is all signed off we can produce the animation and export it to a Full HD video that can have subtitles on it if you want it.


With any new site, you might want to consider an SEO campaign to get your website up to the top of Google. Our SEO team will be able to provide you with some keywords we think will benefit your website a lot by getting them ranked and improving them. Our team has had years of experience in doing SEO with our clients being very happy with the work we have carried out for them. At the beginning of each month, we will send you a report and, in this report, we will show you the progression of your rankings from the last month. You will get a pdf that will show you the rankings of the keywords you are targeting how much they have improved from the last report we sent to you. This will be indicated by an arrow pointing up with a number next to it telling you the number of places that keyword has climbed. You will also receive a Google Analytics report that will tell you how many people have been on your site during that month, how much time people spent on your site as an average, you can also see things like if they viewed your site on a mobile, desktop or tablet. You can use this information to see how well the campaign is going and if you need to change anything to focus on a particular area which isn’t doing so well or if you want to target some new phrases and keywords.


When we discuss your website, we can talk about any of the other services you require and we can possibly talk about putting together a strategy to not only promote your new website on Google with SEO but to put together posts for your social media as well.