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Why is web design so indispensable for your business?

For some, it’s hard to see why businesses should WILLINGLY pay for web design in Poole. After all, why should you hire a skilled professional to design a polished and functional site when DIY platforms are available? Whilst this is true – and there’s nothing stopping you – know this . . .
Web design is a fundamental component of your online marketing presence.

Not just that but 75% of consumers admit to making SNAP judgements of a company’s credibility based on their website design? So, when someone comes across your website, it’s the DESIGN that can MAKE or BREAK their perception of your business – and do you know what the worst part is?

It takes SECONDS.

Seconds to . . .

Assume what your brand stands for.

Seconds to . . .

See whether your business is an appealing prospect.

Seconds to . . .

Consider whether you appear at all behind the times.

In fact, according to a study from Google, it only takes 50 milliseconds
to form a first impression.

So, if you’ve only seconds to work with, you’d best make it count. Our Poole web design can provide a snapshot of your business in microcosm. We can create a homepage that will reassure visitors that YOU can help their needs in that given moment and MORE. See, we know that – consciously or not – EVERYONE reacts to visuals, and vistors are naturally drawn to the work that web design Poole carries out. As a society, we may well have been raised NOT to judge a book by its cover, but we can no longer afford such sentimentality when faced with online marketing. There’s TOO MUCH content at any given moment. Therefore, you should assume that your audience will make subconscious judgements. Little things like the layout, the font and the chosen colours can cause ANYONE to question the reputability of your business.

Don’t give your visitors query your aesthetics. Cut to the chase with our Poole web design.

High-quality web design provides a positive first impression
Builds trust, structure and desirability with YOUR audience
Support your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy
Our designs facilitate a strong sense of brand consistency
Means no falling behind (your competitors WILL use a designer!)

How does Poole web design help your business thrive?

A great website reflects its rewards – whether these are leads, sales, or page views.

Yet, no matter what metric you want to focus on, getting the look and feel of your site right should be the top priority. Our web designer will work closely with you to suggest new ideas and encourage “call-to-action” components. The most helpful of which bridges the gap between you and your customer. Known as a contact forms, these can facilitate lead tracking and ensure that you never miss an enquiry. To help clarify the process, here are just some of the key ways in which our designer will approach your business.

Define your USP and what you hope to achieve

It sounds simple, but this is fundamental. If you don’t do some soul searching and uncover your USP (Unique Selling Point), how can WE help YOU stand out from everyone else?

Web design is integral to your branding and must seem as authentic as possible.

Once you’ve established your USP, decide on your website’s purpose? Are you hoping to showcase yourself, or are you more interested in a fully functioning eCommerce site?

Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Web design is CONSTANTLY evolving. By neglecting to hire a professional web designer, you might end up with a website that’s rendered obsolete the moment it goes live . . .

Fortunately, our web design in Poole can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Our Poole-based web designer is up-to-date on the latest trends. We can successfully gauge whether something misconstrued as a mere gimmick might become the norm.

What platform do you want for your foundations?

Much like in real life, there are many platforms and terrains you can build on when online. Each one can help shape and dictate the look and feel of your burgeoning website.

There are TONS of options out there, from WordPress to WooCommerce and beyond.

Our web design Poole office favours WordPress over other platforms as it offers TOTAL control over the look and feel of your website. Yet, that’s not to say we don’t use others!

Push your brand with the appropriate design

Now’s our time to shine! Our designer drafts several versions – some based on your ideas – and other stimulating concepts to showcase your brand.

This crucial step covers everything from the font to the colour, imagery and layout.

After the design is approved, we’ll pass it over to our web developer in our web design Poole office who then BUILDS the site. Our team can even help you further optimise it too!

We take your brief; we work to your budget; we exceed your expectations. We are Expect Best.

Your web design is the online body of your business and as such, we think it’s only fair that you get as much of a say in it as possible. That’s why we encourage face-to-face consultations to discuss YOUR web design – Poole is where we’re based, but we’re happy to travel locally, if need be.


The biggest benefit of DIY web design Poole is the cost – you don’t need to pay a professional anything. Yet, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’ll pay . . .


After all, you’re rely on YOUR skills. Alternatively, by hiring professional web design Poole you and your business benefits from our expansive web-based expertise.


Depending on the sheer complexity of your site, the whole web design and build process can take anything between 2 weeks to 2 months before going live.

When it comes to web design Poole . . . what’s so special?

Nowadays, having a website is a pillar of having an online presence.

So, to help clarify what web design is, we ask that you picture that pillar – what does that pillar look like? How does it feel? How does it function? Web design Poole PROVIDES the visual composition. It’s what dictates the user’s experience online. Designers straddle the line between aesthetics and function – determining the look of the website, in addition to the user’s experience. Web design Poole finesses the appearance – such as colours, fonts and imagery – and structure – such as the layout and categorisation.

To put it simply, a web designer plans, conceptualises and arranges content – so it's accessible online.

To this end, web design once exclusively focused on websites when viewed on desktop browsers. Yet, owing to the dynamic evolution of technology, designers have had to adapt. Since the expansion of handheld tech in the mid-2010s – for example, web designers are now expected to cover mobile and tablets – like apps. In fact, access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 24% to 58%*, and we believe this is only set to increase further. That’s why web designers and developers utilise something called; responsive or adaptive web design.

Responsive web design Poole

Content moves dynamically depending on screen size. However, designers essentially relinquish control over how their work appears per size. This is a less responsible – but responsive – means of design.

Adaptive web design Poole

Content design is fixed in various layout sizes that match commonly used screen sizes. This way, designers have full control over the appearance – but must take far more time designing each size. As such, this requires far more responsibility.

In addition to this, the utilisation of a web designer can prove highly beneficial to Poole businesses and those further afield.

The cornerstone of creativity for our team always comes back to YOUR customers. It’s all well and good having a website, but it won’t do you a lick of good if it doesn’t help your business. By seeking out and working with web design Poole, you can help foster the trust of your target audience. Our designer will remove any potential points of user frustration and streamline your goal into a feasible design. Web design is a highly collaborative process that engages similar fields, such as SEO marketing and UX development. As such, a professional-looking and functioning website can impact your performance on Google. By honing in on everything from the site’s colours, graphics and fonts, a designer can help cultivate a receptive response from the user.
web design Bournemouth - Lead Generation

Lead Generation

More reach. More sales. More revenue.

Increasing lead quality and reducing lead cost is something our customers count on us for. Reasonably priced, high quality enquires are what really matters to businesses online.

✔ Drastically increase marketing ROI
✔ Attract and acquire first-rate leads
✔ And more

SEO web design Bournemouth

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Cost-effective. Credible. Quantifiable.

With over 3.5 billion searches happening every day, if your business isn’t appearing on Google – you’re missing out on customers.

✔ Complimentary SEO report
✔ Rank hire and increase your traffic
✔ And more

web design Bournemouth

Web Development

Eye-catching. Budget-friendly. Profile-raising.

A brochure website is the cleanest way to show visitors who you are and what you do. Alternatively, an eCommerce website means it’s never been simpler to do business online.

✔ Brochure websites
✔ eCommerce websites
✔ And more

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Ken Battrick
Ken Battrick
Excellent graphic design capabilities combined with attentive and patient customer service. Expect Best produce some stunning website designs, now including our own. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Ken Battrick- Managing Director Accujet Ltd
emma coveney
emma coveney
Highly recommend this company. After working with the team for over 3 months and rolling out 3 new websites I can honestly say it's been one of the nicest and easiest agency experiences I've ever had. Super friendly and accommodating with a very high standard of work - what more could you ask for. A huge thanks to all, without doubt will use again for other digital services when required.
Nidal Harriet
Nidal Harriet
Highly recommend expect best, they are very helpful and quick to respond. Great job thanks guys!!
kieran graham
kieran graham
great company at what they do, really helpful and very prompt
Nancy McManus
Nancy McManus
Where do I start! I came to Alex in desperate need of creating a website for my new dog walking business. From the word go Alex and his team were amazing. Sufficient, knowledgeable and extremely quick. Having no experience or clue of how to create a website they did all the hard work and I mean all of it! I just provided my logo, colour scheme and style and within days a prototype had been created and I was sold! I know if I have any issues or questions from here onwards I can pick up the phone and know they will be happy to help! Couldn’t recommend enough! Thank you also to Ethan for putting up with my little changes and being great at communicating and direct! You guys are the best. Go team #expectthebest
douglas burden
douglas burden
Needed my old website updating and to change hosting as my was super slow. So I had a zoom meeting with Alex and his team, by the end of the meeting and the excellent advice from Expect Best. I decided to get them to make me a brand new website on Wordpress and to host it with them. After my website was built the team was very accommodating to all my question about updating/changing bits of the website and always gave top advice. 10/10 website is now looks amazing and running super fast on desktop, table and mobile. I would recommend Expect Best to anyone who need a new website or a existing one updated.
Aaron Calver
Aaron Calver
I have been using Alex and his team for many years now and have always been extremely happy. Their response times are exceptional and, we've just had a site re-vamp too which has helped simplify and modernise. I would highly recommend!
Joanne Blah
Joanne Blah
Phenomenal team and always quick to deal with any issue! Thank you to the team for keeping us successfully running here in Australia
Elite Signs
Elite Signs
Very pleased with the service. Ethan was very helpful and patient with all the changes we were going through. We are really happy with the finished website.
Loyd Cole
Loyd Cole
Sean at Expect Best was brilliant when helping us design some email signatures for our company. We went back to Sean a great number of times with various different amendments and he remained patient, professional and got straight onto it throughout the process. A great credit to the company, I definitely won't hesitate to use Expect Best again.

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Expect best help businesses reach their full online potential by implementing well thought out digital marketing strategies and innovating ideas. As a Bournemouth Web Design agency, we are proud to be the best in the area when it comes to web development, SEO campaigns, social media management, photography and more.



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