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You may need help with your Shopify site, or need some guidance on how best to edit or set up your account. We have years of experience in working with Shopify and similar platforms to help you solve any queries or issues you may have with Shopify.

While Shopify may work out of the box, getting Shopify to work in the way you want can be a little trickier, you may wish to fully customise the style or layouts which will mean still requiring a developer to make the changes for you.

Shopify DNS help

You may also need help with domain-related or DNS related tasks. Sometimes it may be confusing modifying or connecting your DNS from your domain to your Shopify site while retaining your emails with your current provider. It may also be that you wish to use a service like Cloudflare with your Shopify site, meaning that you may need a few extra steps in the setup to get this working seamlessly.

Shopify Payment processor help

You may need to help to link your Shopify site to a payment processor. We can help you connect your website to a number of payment processors to ensure that your customers have a seamless payment experience. You can also determine which one is best to use based on the fees and charges associated with that payment processor.

Shopify theme help

With Shopify themes, it can be hard to get the theme you like or matching the design you wanted. We can offer a service to build or customise the Shopify theme you have or to build one for your bespoke design, still utilising the benefits of the Shopify platform.

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Shopify plugin help

You may need to integrate your Shopify with a third-party service, to save time with exporting and importing data as well as keeping your data in ‘real-time’. This will allow you to keep your business processes simple and reduce admin time. If you have a third-party service such as accounting you need us to integrate into Shopify then get in touch to see how we can help.

Shopify discounts help

If you need help to set up and run discounts and promotions on your website then we can help with the setup of these. We have customers who run regular promotions via their Shopify stores allowing them to market effectively to their customer base. We can help set up coupon codes which allows you to run the promotions and offers you need to please your customers.

Shopify email marketing help

You may need help to market to your customers in general. We can help with the setup of your email marketing needs and campaigns which will run to your existing customers. We can also help stagger emails if you wish to try and attract them back to the site in future.

Shopify data migration help

You may have many products you may need to move from your old site into your Shopify site. This is another area where we can assist in helping you move your old site data including products across to your new Shopify site.

Shopify variable products help

You may also have products which are variable in terms of size and colour. This can also be more fiddly to setup. We can help you by setting up those products which you need us to give the customers options over their size, colour, etc. This helps keep the process simple for yourself and gives you the ability to showcase those products which are available in multiple options, keeping the site clean and simple.


Shopify Developers who can help

Our Shopify developers are full time based in our UK office and are ready to help you. If you need your online store completing or designing from scratch ready for Shopify then we can help.

Quick and effective development process

We can help you quickly and effectively. Our developers know their way around Shopify and can easy make the changes you need to get your project completed.


Integrate Shopify with other services

Some clients need other services integrated with Shopify. This is something we can work on helping your Shopify site connect to your accounting or marketing software packages.

Payment via Shopify, Stripe or Paypal

Take payments using a variety of payment processors. Our developers can get them connected to your account and working seamlessly.


Let us modify your current project or start from fresh

If you have a project underway or want to consult us on the design then we can help at any stage. We can design the site and build it for you, or work from your designers concepts.

Full design process available

As well as developers we have designers on hand to work their magic on your Shopify site. Getting the site looking just right before build is crucial to the end result of the project.

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Question? The answer is usually yes.