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Built for budding entrepreneurs, Shopify features a host of valuable tools. However, like with all good things, there’s a catch. You’ll have to pay to access specific Shopify features on different price plans. But wait – before you reach for your debit card, we’ll give you a rundown of Shopify’s basic features. No one plan works for every business. Each comes with their own unique features that could uniquely improve your service. Need a bespoke approach from an experienced Shopify partner? Contact Expect Best today. We’ll quote you a figure and timescale and get your e-commerce venture up and running in no time!

Basic Features


Abandoned Checkout Recovery (ACR)

Picture this: a customer leaves your store without completing the checkout process. In a physical setting, your products would be returned to the shelves. That’s not the case with Shopify. Shopify can automatically email your customer a reminder of their would-be purchase. The store admin can customise this email to suit their store’s brand. They can even include discount codes to encourage the customer to buy and secure a sale!

Customer Support

Email and live chat support are available to English-speaking users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The higher you scale the price plan, the more contact options become available. Plus, Shopify will progressively prioritise your queries.

Discount Codes

Discount codes can act as an incentive for customers to buy goods from your store. They can even help build your customer base when run as competitions on social media.

Finance Reports

Want a breakdown of your financial information? Shopify automatically compiles detailed Finance Reports for you. These are always up-to-date. Sound too good to be true? Hit refresh and watch fresher data pour in!

Fraud Analysis

Shopify Payments includes a built-in fraud analysis feature. This will flag potentially fraudulent orders and bring them to your attention. Quickly resolving these issues will help you avoid any major charges or losses.

Gift Cards

Much like Discount Codes, Gift Cards are a great means of building your customer base. They can also act as a sneaky bit of self-promotion when run as competitions on social media. However, unlike Discount Codes, Gift Cards can be used multiple times!

 Manual Order Creation

If you need to take an order over the phone, you can create custom orders on a customer’s behalf. These are stored in your draft orders and are only converted to an order once you receive payment for it.

Online Sales Channels

This is a brilliant way of spreading your shops reach across the internet. When you connect your sales channels to your Shopify account, you can still enjoy all of its features. This includes tracking products, orders and customers across a variety of platforms.

Overview Dashboard

This is your store’s performance at a glance. If there’s anything you want to know about your store, this monitors it and will show any key data. Want to track your trends? Compare the performance of your sales channels? Have a slew of new customers and would like to know where they came from? The Overview Dashboard is your right-hand man.

Shopify Point of Sale

This is an app for iOS and Android that lets you manage all aspects of your store – including processing orders and taking payments – in person and on the go! Perfect for face to face transactions.

Staff Accounts

If you have sensitive Your Shopify admin account can be broken down into several staff accounts. This can prove particularly fruitful if you need to track changes made to your website by your staff. Each paid package increases the number of staff accounts you can have on your website.

Unlimited Products

No matter your package, there are no limits to the number of goods you can sell on your website.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Online Storage

No matter how many visitors you have to your page, or how many files or photos you upload, you will not be charged.


Shopify Developers who can help

Our Shopify developers are full time based in our UK office and are ready to help you. If you need your online store completing or designing from scratch ready for Shopify then we can help.

Quick and effective development process

We can help you quickly and effectively. Our developers know their way around Shopify and can easy make the changes you need to get your project completed.


Integrate Shopify with other services

Some clients need other services integrated with Shopify. This is something we can work on helping your Shopify site connect to your accounting or marketing software packages.

Payment via Shopify, Stripe or Paypal

Take payments using a variety of payment processors. Our developers can get them connected to your account and working seamlessly.


Let us modify your current project or start from fresh

If you have a project underway or want to consult us on the design then we can help at any stage. We can design the site and build it for you, or work from your designers concepts.

Full design process available

As well as developers we have designers on hand to work their magic on your Shopify site. Getting the site looking just right before build is crucial to the end result of the project.

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Question? The answer is usually yes.