SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimisation is a very delicate process and needs to be handled in the correct manner to ensure that your site will be improving its organic search results.

Our Tips For SEO

We want to make sure that every single bit of content on your site is correctly optimised, even the content that is already on the site. We will go through your site and make sure all of the Meta descriptions and all of the meta content is correctly optimised and if not, we will do this for you. As we will ensure that there is no reason for you to be not ranking for your target keywords.

Social Media

When doing an SEO campaign, you also might want to invest into a social media campaign this is because a lot of your audience maybe looking for your services on things like Facebook, you can also benefit with increasing your backlinks while posting to social media as we would have a link to your website on every post you upload to your page.

Our Process

When you first come to us for SEO, we will undergo some research on your site to find out the most relevant keywords for your site and we will make sure these keywords aren’t too big of a competition and have decent searches per month so that you can get ranked for these keywords. We also do this research so we can find out the audience that you will be targeting and so we can get the best out of your campaign.

Your Goals and Achieving Them

When you start an SEO campaign your goals might be to get more users on to your site and to start getting more enquiries. We can help you reach these goals with our SEO tips. At the beginning of every month we will send you a report on how your website is performing, so you can see how much progress has been made during the last month. You can see how much closer you are getting to your goals. You will also be able to see how many people visited the site and see the bounce rate as well (Bounce Rate is when someone visits your website but almost immediately goes off of the site and only views one page). You will see this go down as the campaign goes on as you will be targeting the people that are specifically looking for your services. Eventually you will see more enquires.

The Content We Will Create

When we have gone through your site and optimised all the content, we will start making more content ourselves. When we do if you have any images or videos that you already have to use on the site, It would be very helpful if we had them to use on these new pages. Not to worry if you don’t as we can source our own images to use and if needed we can create animations and videos for the pages. You can suggest some keywords for us to target as anyone knows your business like you do.


Backlinks are a brilliant way to help you improve your SEO campaign, they are also seen as a necessity to have a very successful campaign. The way Google see backlinks is unique as it will see the credibility of the site that you have a backlink from and will credit your site based on that. Therefore that makes government websites very valuable to get backlinks from but it is very difficult to get backlinks from government domains. When we do the work for you, we will work on getting these backlinks from other social media websites or blogging websites.