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SEO is an important aspect of online marketing and can help your business succeed. We are here to help you. Our years of experience in the field of SEO will allow you to progress at a good pace. We know all the tricks to get your website up to the top of the rankings. We can talk you through step by step on what we will do and if we need you to do anything. This could be as simple as providing us with your websites login details or we might even ask if you have imagery that we could use for when we are creating content on your site. Our clients are always satisfied with the work we complete on their site. Here is the process we follow:


Before we even enter your site, we will do some research to find out what keywords you should be targeting. We will look at the amount of searches each keyword gets and the competition of that keyword to see if it is likely you will rank for it or not. We will also take suggestions from you and what you want to target as nobody knows your business like you do. It is important to choose the right keywords that you will be able to rank for and we will be able to tell you which keywords are best to target.

Optimising Content

When we first get onto your site, we will proceed to look through all the content that is already on the site. We will go on to fully optimise it ensuring there is nothing else to improve on. This will help with the SEO rankings as Google won’t be able to find anything on the site to mark you down on when it comes to ranking certain pages. This can help boost your rankings that little bit extra. When looking through the site we will optimise the meta content, this will include the file names, alt tags, descriptions and more. Once we have done this, we will move on to creating our own content.

Adding Content

After we have checked all of the content on the site, we can move onto creating our own pages. What we will do is create content based on the keywords that you want to target. Google likes content with images and video as these are better for user experience and make the users time on your site a better experience. Once we have created a page, we can scan the page to make sure that it is as optimised as we can get it. This is so we can assure you that every page we do on your site will be the best it can be. Based on your business we can create content that targets a local area like Dorset and other locations, or we can target nationwide so the whole UK can search and find your site. You can also provide us with worded content if you feel that a service or product needs to be explained in a certain way. This will help us improve the accuracy of content we are writing, if you are unable to send us worded content then we can research the industry you are trading in so we can create accurate content.

Your Targets

When we start a campaign, it is always good to have targets to work towards. And at the beginning of every month we will send you a report to update you on your rankings. You will be able to see how much your keywords have improved in the last month compared to the month before. Then you can see how close you are to achieving your targets and possible setting new targets for when you do achieve those. You could target a new set of keywords to expand on how many people you are currently trying to reach. Also, in the report you will find a Google Analytics data with the number of users that have visited the site within the last month. You may also want to add targets for the amount of people you want on the site and a target for the bounce rate too. The information we provide you in the reports are important as we can focus more on a particular keyword if it has dropped a place or two, or if it isn’t progressing as fast as you would like it to.


With every SEO campaign backlinks are very much an important aspect. We can build these up for you as part of the campaign. It is important to get as many backlinks as you can. Google will see how many backlinks you have and will give your site a better credibility based on the credibility of sites you are getting backlinks from. But there are methods of gaining backlinks that Google doesn’t like. This is normally when you buy backlinks from sites that will spam your site link on multiple sites along with many others, Google will most likely recognise this and will punish your site for trying to fabricate backlinks. That is why it is always best to leave it to us. We will make sure that every backlink we get is legit and has no chance of negatively effecting your rankings. These backlinks we can do on Facebook, Instagram and other social medias. But we can also get back links from other sites you may be associated with. If you are interested in our service please get in contact with us!

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