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Our SEO Dorset Services are put out to a number of companies we are involved with, like local trades, medical practitioners, manufacturers, helping them to improve their SEO Ranking. If you need us for your website optimization then we will assess your website and see what areas that we can improve.

SEO Dorset – can offer our services for as little as £80 a month. Our SEO Packages are put into 6-month Blocks as this is how long it can take to get the results you want because of Googles algorithms and we want the process to look natural to the search engine.

SEO Dorset Packages:

SEO Dorset 6 month package 1 – £450 – covers up to 12 keywords
SEO Dorset 6 month package 2 – £650 – covers up to 18 keywords
SEO Dorset 6 month package 3 – £999 – covers up to 24 keywords

What Is SEO Dorset Going To Do?

We need to think up some keywords you want us to cover and start ranking on google and you will need to decide which keywords are more valuable to your business as you may want us to have a full focus on just one keyword for a month but this normally happens once we have a load of keywords already ranked and for example if your business was located in Poole you might want to Branch out on the keywords to Bournemouth and Dorset to add a variety to the keywords.


What if I need fewer keywords that what is shown on the package?

We would look to just strengthen the keywords that we do target so that they will come into effect more quickly

How long does it take for my SEO Poole package to take effect?

It can take months for Google to rank your site due to the prevention of ‘pop up’ sites. It needs to know you are a serious player and in it for the long run, this is why we spread SEO over a 6 month period minimum.

Can you guarantee rankings?

We cannot guarantee a ranking because ultimately this is a decision made by Google. Think of us as advisors, we have tried and tested many practices to find out what does and doesn’t work for our SEO Poole packages. Any company that does claim to guarantee a ranking is probably just buying a Google Adword listing and charging you a premium for something that will disappear as soon as you stop paying them. Our SEO packages are designed to have a long-term effect.

What if my rankings drop?

If your rankings drop again in future then we would need to assess your site for a top-up. This is sometimes due to competition coming into the market place that has focused heavily on some of the keywords you are targeting. SEO is like training for a sport if you want to be the best you have to maintain the training you put in otherwise someone else will put in more time and effort to rank above you. We can arrange an SEO top up if you find that your rankings have dropped in future.

SEO Poole topup package 1 – covers up to 3 keywords
SEO Poole topup package 2 – covers up to 4 keywords
SEO Poole topup package 3 – covers up to 5 keywords

How does SEO work?

So SEO Poole works by targeting phrases which are related to what your business does. This may be in relation to your services or areas in which you operate. SEO works by Google and other search engines finding these phrases on your website.

Do you need access to my website?

In most cases, we will need access to your website to be able to make changes. We may need a login to your content management system or if your site is flat HTML then we may need FTP access. Your web designer and/or hosting company should have these details if you do not know what they are so that we can implement your SEO Poole package.

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