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Our Search Engine Optimisation services have been very successful with our clients and we have enabled them to sell their services and products by directing more traffic to their website. We do this by improving your organic search rankings on Google which in return will mean that more people will enter your website.

Consultation & Starting The Campaign

We can have a consultation meeting with you to discuss what you want from our campaign; our initial SEO consultation is free. We will do keyword research on your site to discover some keywords that we can target to get more traffic onto your site. With this research we can then make an estimate to how much time we need to spend on the site to get you ranking for the keywords we have come up with, you can contribute to the keywords that we target by just telling us the phrases as we believe you know your business better than anyone else. When we start to do SEO work on your site, we will set you up on our keyword tracking software, this will help us keep track of what positions your keywords are ranking and how much they have improved. We will also set you up on Google Analytics so we can keep track of how many people have entered your site. You can use this information to see how much your site has progressed and if you want to target a different bunch of keyword to branch out to a different audience.

Creating Our Own Content

Once you are set up on everything and we have a set of keywords to target, we will start to optimise all of the existing content on the site, so we will make sure that all the metadata like image alt tags and meta descriptions are all optimised correctly. This way we will know that all of the content on your site can’t be optimised any further and there should be no problems while trying to rank for your keywords. After we have done all of this, we will then create our own content based around your services and the keywords we have agreed on. If you can provide us with written content and images, we can use on these pages that would be a big help as we don’t want to relay any wrong information onto these pages. We understand that some of your services may need to be explained and said in a certain way, by you supplying us with some relevant content we can confidently create these pages. But if you can’t supply us with the content then there is no problem, we can source our own free images from stock websites and we can research into your industry to understand your services and write good quality content. The reason for this is because Google likes to understand the content written on these pages this is why we make sure that the metadata is all optimised so Google can see what topic the page is about and then review the content on the page to see if it is a reliable source of information.


At the beginning of every month, we will send you a report of the progression made in the last month on your site. This will include the keywords and the position they are currently ranking in on Google, you will be able to see how many places they have moved up since the last month as well. We will also send you a Google Analytics report so you can see how many people have been on your site in the last month and it will also tell you other interesting figures as well.

Google Ads

We can also help you with Google Ads if you want to do a short campaign to quickly get some more people onto your site. In our experience Ad campaigns on Google haven’t always been the most beneficial and that’s why we always recommend SEO over this but while your SEO rankings are climbing up to decent positions you can always do a campaign with Google Ads. We can help you decide what to target, define your target audience and set up a daily budget that you are comfortable with. If your services are only available in a specific area, we can have the ads only display if you are searching from those areas.

User Experience

With all SEO campaigns, Google will rate your site on the user’s experience and if you have an older site that is running slow, you may want to think about updating it. With us, we can build a whole new site for your brand new and we can make it so it will have all of the content that the site had on it before just modernised. This will make the users experience better and you will be able to have better security on your site than what you had before. Our team has built over 300 websites for all kinds of clients from all different industries. With you we will be able to create a site that you will love the look of and the site will be able to function in any way you want it to. That is just one of our many other services we can do for you. We can also manage your social media accounts and create content for posts on them. Social media can also be a very good way of directing more people to your site by running giveaways and competitions you will increase your following on these accounts and ultimately people will be interested in your business and will look on your website for more information and this may cause some enquires and maybe even some sales.

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Question? The answer is usually yes.