SEO Consultant Services

At Expect Best we have a great SEO team that will be able to take on any work no matter how big or small the project is and always comes out with results for our clients. We will be able to talk to you about the sort of campaigns you want to run and the results you want from these campaigns. We can help you slightly change a strategy you have been running to try and get more followers/customers and users onto your site and social media. Or we can build a whole new strategy for you from completely scratch. This will enable us to shape your strategy to target a bigger audience that will be looking for your services or products to purchase.


What we will do even before you become one of our clients is some research on your site to see what industry you trade-in, the demographic you should be targeting and keyword research so we can suggest the keywords that we can target for you. We can then discuss plans and strategies to boost your online profiles. This is where you can suggest your own keywords for us to work on as you might feel that a particular keyword if ranked for, would help your website succeed, as we believe that you know your business better than anyone else.

Optimising Your Site

Then once all the research and discussions have taken place we can go ahead and start working on your website. We will set you up on Google analytics to keep track of the number of users that are entering your site and we will also set you up on our keyword software that will keep track of all your keyword rankings so we know how well the campaign is going and if anything needs to be changed. To start off with we will go through all of the existing content on your site and we will optimise it to be the best it can be. This includes adding meta descriptions if not already done and if so, we will make sure that the keywords are included in this and we will make sure that the image alt tags are optimised correctly. This is necessary as this will ensure that you have the best possible chance at ranking for your target keywords, it may also give you a good head start and get you ranking for some of the target keywords right at the start. If that happens, we will then work to get that keyword ranking as high as we can.

Creating Content

Once all of the content on your site is fully optimised, we can then start creating our own content based around the keywords we would have discussed. Based on the location of your business and how far you operate in your area we can include nearby locations in the keywords to get ranking locally as well as nationally if it is necessary. When creating this content, we will include images on these pages as that is what Google prefers and if you have any images or photos, we can use on these pages we would ask you to send them over to us. 


After every month of our work, we will send you a report on how your keywords are progressing. We do this so you can see the amount of progress we are making with the site and so you can understand where your users will be coming from. In this report, you will be able to see how many places your keywords have moved since the last month’s report. You will also be able to see how many searches your keywords get each month whi9ch appears next to the keyword on the report. We will also include a Google analytics sheet that will show you exactly how many people have entered your site in the month and you will be able to see the average amount of time that people have spent on your site. Bounce rate is also included in the report if you don’t know what bounce rate is when someone goes onto your site and then leaves without visiting another page or interacting with something on the page they were on. When you see the bounce rate percentage you want it to be as low as possible as that means fewer people are leaving your site without doing anything. The idea of having these reports is so that we are being fully transparent with all the work we complete and so you aren’t in the dark about anything we do and you are always aware of what is happening with your site, rather than just not knowing what is going on.

Google AdWords

If you want quick results for your website before your organic rankings improve enough to increase your sales and enquires, you can look at doing a short-term Google AdWords campaign that will bring more people to your site and this may even get you more enquires. But we do recommend to only run this sort of campaign for a short amount of time as it can be very costly for businesses.

We don’t just offer SEO services; we can also design websites and build them for you. So, if you were looking to build a new website or just redesign your current one and then get our SEO team to start working on it as soon as it is built. We can also help with your social media as we can create graphics and content for posts that you can post yourself or we can even schedule these posts in for you and you won’t have to do anything.

If you are interested in our services and you want to know more about it, get in contact with us and we can talk you through everything you need to know. Have a look at our page on The benefits of Zoho.