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Do you want to succeed online with SEO? We are the perfect team for you. We have had years of experience in making our client’s websites rank higher on Google. No matter what industry you are in people will always be searching for your services on Google, and being able to tap into that audience can increase your site’s users and ultimately your sales.

The Process

When you enquire to us about our SEO services we will do some keyword research to understand what industry you work in and what kind of age group and locations you will be targeting. With this information we can come up with some great keywords we will be able to target for you. Then we can discuss a budget with you for the work we will carry out. We will recommend a number of hours for us to do each month to work on your site. Bearing in mind that the more hours we have to operate each month the more work we will be able to complete on your site. When we have come to an agreement on this we will start to work on your site.

Working on Your Site

When we start to work on your site, we will firstly go through all of the existing content on your site and optimise it so Google can see good quality content and fully understand the topics on these pages. This means we will update the meta descriptions and image alt tags if it is needed. We will also add you onto our keyword scanning software, this will mean we will be able to keep track of your rankings for your keywords. We will also add your website to Google analytics to keep track of the amount of people that are entering your site and to see how it changes over the course of the campaign. Once all of the content on your site is optimised and we are happy with everything already on there, we will proceed to create our own pages on your site targeting the keywords that we previously would have agreed on. While creating this content we will write about your services and keep to the same writing style as you have previously written on the site. If any of your services need to be written in a particular way, then you are more than welcome to send us a written document with all we need to know about this service and what to write about it as we don’t want to be relaying any wrong information off to people. Also, we would find it really helpful if you had any images or photos of your services/products that you would like us to use when creating our own pages. If you don’t have images for us to use then we can just source our own on a free stock image site. Backlinks are also an important part of an SEO campaign this is because Google will use the number of backlinks you have as votes from other websites that are figuratively saying that your website is a reliable source of information. Google may then rank you higher for certain keywords. Ideally you want to have as many backlinks as possible but you don’t want to try and cheat it, because Google may discover this and then will discredit your website and you will most likely lose a lot of your rankings. With us we can make sure that every single backlink we get for you will be legit and Google will be able to positively credit you for them.


At the beginning of every month, we will send you a report, this will update you on the positions that your keywords are currently ranking and you can also see the number of searches each of your keywords get each month. The report will also tell you if the keywords have moved up or down positions comparing them to the last month’s results. We will also include a Google analytics report for you to look at, this will include data on the number of people that have entered your site, on average how long people have stayed on your site for and other data points like Bounce Rate. Bounce rate is when a user will enter your site but not interact with it then leave and the rate will increase every time someone does this. The bounce rate will show as a percentage on the report. Using all of this information we send to you each month you can examine it and see if you are close to your targets or if you want to start improving on a different area and maybe target some new keywords. Doing this will help you branch out to a bigger audience and increase your sales and enquires even more.

Google AdWords

If you want to get fast and instant results before your SEO rankings improve enough to start getting you more enquires. We can help you get set up on Google AdWords with a bunch of keywords. We can also set a demographic to a particular age that will suit your services best and you can also set a radius of where the ads will show up based on where you offer your services. You can also choose a budget to what you want to be spending each day on the ads.

User Experience

Google will also give your website a score based on the user experience on the site. Therefore, if your site is quite old and hard to navigate you may find that Google might not rank you as high as it might want to because your sites user experience isn’t good enough. Our team can help you improve your user experience on the site. This can be done in one of two ways. We can redesign your whole site and make it look as modern as we can using the tools available to us, or we can completely rebuild the whole of your site using WordPress and whatever plugins necessary to make your site fully functioning and looking modern. We recommend that you completely rebuild the site as this will give you a fresh new look and will modernise the site. Our design team can make a design that suits all of your needs and even make it similar to what your site currently looks like, just more modern and newer looking. Then once you have given your feedback on the designs and are happy with them we will give the designs over to our development team who will create your new site with the latest versions of software and plugins that will make it easy for Google to navigate and give a positive user experience score on. Our team has had a lot of experience in building new websites over the years. We have built over 300 websites for our clients and that number is still rising. No matter what industry you are in we can make a site for you.


With us, we can help you advertise yourself to a wider audience and at the same time help you get more enquires and boosting your sales. We help you get onto the right path by rather editing your current strategies or completely building a new one from scratch.

We also have many other services we can do for you. We can help you with a social media campaign to boost your social profiles and we can also run an email marketing campaign. Get in contact with us to find out more!

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