Professional SEO Company

Are you looking for a company to do SEO for you? We have a great service that many of our clients have been very happy with. We can improve your rankings so you can get more users onto your site that can learn about all of your services. It doesn’t matter if you are a small local business or a big corporate company, we will be able to help you.


We can do some research on your site to obtain information about what you offer to your customers and clients. With this information, we can research into what keywords you will benefit from the most. When picking these keywords, we will consider the area of which you operate in so we aren’t targeting anything outside of this. For example, you might just operate in Dorset and Hampshire so it wouldn’t make sense to be targeting words that include any other locations. We will also ask if there are any keywords or phrases that you want us to target. This is because you know your target audience best you most likely know what they will be searching to find your services. We will suggest a budget each month that we use to work towards improving your SEO. We will base this off what kind of keywords we will be targeting and the competition of those, as a higher competition for a keyword will mean we will need to spend more time on it to get you ranked than a keyword that has less competition. We normally base the budget on hours per month. This is because SEO is a consistent and ongoing process that should always be improved. When we gain access to your site, we will look at all of the existing content and make sure all of the meta content is as optimised as it can be. This will give you a great start and you could even see some early improvements due to this work. We may even add some plugins that will tell us what can be improved to make the page more optimised. Once we have optimised all the content on your site, we can create our own content targeting the keywords that we previously agreed upon. We know that some of your services can be delicate and you might want us to explain these in a certain way and that is why we always encourage our clients to send us wording or written content we can use while creating these extra pages for your SEO. We do this so we make sure that we are explaining your services correctly and not relaying any wrong information. If you have any images or photos of your services or products, we would like to use them with your permission on these new pages as including images will help with improving your SEO rankings as Google prefers this. Backlinks are also an important feature of SEO as this helps improve the authority of your site. A backlink is when you have a link to your domain from another domain this is seen as a “vote” for a specific page. Google will see these “votes” and can help you climb up the rankings if Google sees these votes as credible.


Every month you will receive a report from us, in this report you will find a list of all your keywords and you will find the position it is currently ranking in and you will be able to see if it has improved from the last months results. You will also get a google analytics report that will tell you how many users have been on your site during the month and you will also see how long people stay on your site for. You also get to see the bounce rate on the report as well. Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking an action, such as clicking on a link, filling out a form, or making a purchase. With this information you will be able to see if you have achieved your targets and if so you can create more targets you want to achieve and this could be with the same group of keywords or you can choose to start targeting other keywords to branch out even more to a bigger audience.

User Experience

User experience is an important thing that Google will judge you on when they look at your site. If your site is older and doesn’t function as well as it should do then Google may mark you down on your user experience and therefore it will have a negative impact on your rankings. With us we can make sure the user experience is good on your site so Google doesn’t penalize you for it.


Many people know what they want to achieve but they don’t always know the best path to go down to get there. With us we can help you make small changes to your current strategy to get you where you want to be or we can completely build a whole new strategy from the ground up! Contact us to find out more!