Wix Vs WordPress

Wix and WordPress are completely different website platforms and are used for different reasons as well. If you wanted a quick and easy website builder that can be done on Wix but if you wanted a website where the design of it was very specific and you needed features and functions that may need plugins then WordPress is the right builder for that. Wix is better if you don’t have a massive budget to build a website but still want to get yourself out there and marketing your services.



WordPress is a builder which can be used if you have a good budget to get a good design on the website and make it look very professional and you will also be able to have features that can make your life a lot easier with fully customisable contact forms and booking systems. As well as it can be hosted easily on our servers or another server you know of and migration won’t be a problem with a WordPress website.

Question? The answer is usually yes.