Wix To WordPress

If you are thinking to move from wiz to WordPress you will need to know some important information to help you make the decision to move or not. Wordpress may be easier to use for some people as they find that it is more customisable than Wix. SEO may be better on Wordpress as well as good tends to favour WordPress websites. With Wix, it is easy to set up and get your website started, but some people find it difficult to then go in regularly and edit the content you already have on there. If you are looking to move your website from Wix to Wordpress then you won’t be able to do that as Wix doesn’t allow you to export your website on there.



Wix also doesn’t have as many tools as WordPress offers as WordPress gives you a wide range of plugins that you can buy and use. Hosting can become a lot easier as well as it becomes a lot easier to manage the server your website is on when it is a WordPress website. Wix is a great platform but if you want a little more quality on your website or maybe there’s a design you would like to do for your website but Wix doesn’t have a template that you like. If you like our services please get in contact with us or if you would like additional information about one of our services.

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