SEO Service

SEO is a very important element in the digital world, having your website correctly optimised is so vital as you want to be ranking for organic search results on google, otherwise, how are people going to find you and your services. You can just start out with a few keywords that you think are very important for your business to be ranking for and then we can expand from there.



What we will do this look at your website closely to see what keywords should be targeted and then go onto your website and make sure everything is optimised before we start creating new content. We will then update you every month with an email with all of your targeted keywords and what rank they are with our SEO software. You can choose exactly what we focus on and how long we spend on it as well. The more visitors you get on your website the better but we do have to watch out for the bounce rate on your website as well. It’s all good getting people on your website but if it’s not what they want they will leave the website. We need to make sure that our rankings are targeted towards the correct people. Get in contact with us for more information.

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