SEO Analysis Bournemouth

When you want to start an SEO campaign you need to look at what keywords you want to target and how realistic those keywords are, as you don’t want to go for keywords that have a massive competition behind it to start with. You want to work yourself up before you start considering keywords that hold such a huge status. You want to think of keywords that will benefit you and that are relevant to your business. This is because Google will look at the pages on your website and if they don’t think that your content matches the keywords you want to rank for then they won’t rank you very high.



When starting off with SEO it’s always good to rank for keywords with your local areas in them so, for example, Web Design Bournemouth. This will be easier to rank for then just Web Design as you are only competing against the people in that area or people that are targeting that area instead of the whole UK. Once you have built up a nice portfolio of keyword rankings then you can start to target bigger keywords that get more searches and that have a bigger competition.

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