Pros & Cons Of Wix

The Pros and cons of Wix will help you decide if you want to build your website with them or not. The first pro is the good site speed that Wix gives to you so your website won’t frustrate people by being slow and therefore might help you get more sales and better SEO rankings. Wix has a massive template collection which gives you a lot of choices to what you want your website’s theme to be like. You can create your website fairly easily with the drag and drop interface this allows you to make your website quickly. You can also add more features to your website with the Wix App Market this can help you add better contact forms and have features that you wouldn’t normally get with the standard Wix builder.



The cons of building your website can restrict you from creating your perfect website. The templates aren’t interchangeable so you can’t mix and match different templates so if you have a different page that you think needs a different look to the resat of the pages then you can’t do that as you have to keep to the same template. If you go for the free plan then Wix will force you to brand themselves in the URL of the website and other things, this isn’t the best thing and could possibly disrupt your SEO rankings, but if you went for one of the paid plans then this wouldn’t be the case. If you wanted to keep track of all your analytics it will also require a paid plan to do this. The site isn’t transferable, so if you want to move your site to another builder or a new domain then it isn’t really possible as Wix doesn’t allow you to export your sites, this can be a big drawback for people.

Question? The answer is usually yes.