Local Keyword Searches

If you are a local business and don’t travel very far for work, then targeting your SEO to a local search is the best option for you. As you wouldn’t want a customer from the other side of the country wanting you to do work for them but they are too far away for you to get to them. SEO isn’t all about getting as many people as possible onto your website, but it’s getting the right people onto your website and in the case of local business it’s about getting people that are close and in the local area.



We can help you with SEO and getting more of the right people onto your website, with our unique software will tell us exactly what you are ranking for and how many places you have gained or dropped in the last month, we can take that information and dedicate time to the keywords that need it most. It doesn’t matter where you live we will be able to get you ranking in your local area. We can find keywords and phrases that we can work on for you to target a certain audience to make sure that you also get people wanting a service of yours and not anything that you don’t provide otherwise they could potentially waste your time.

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