Keyword Optimisation

When we start a new SEO campaign we go through your website and optimise all of your content before we then start to create new content based on the keywords that have you have chosen to target or if you don’t know what you want to target or if a keyword would be useful to target, we will suggest some keywords and tell you if any of the keywords that you have chosen are worth going for or if they are going to be useless to you.



When we create content or optimise older content we go through every little detail to make sure everything is it the right order, like meta descriptions and image alt tags. We have dedicated software which will tell us how well you are ranking for your keywords and if they have gone up or down since the last scan. We will keep you up to date with everything with our monthly reports to tell you how many visitors you are getting on your site and how well your keywords are ranking. If you need any more information get in contact with us!

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