Keyword Competition

When you are doing an SEO Campaign you need to see the competition each keyword has to see if you are able to compete with some of them. If you have keywords that a big company also has then it’s probably not the best idea trying to go for keywords like that as you probably won’t be able to get near to the top if you are only just starting, you want to build up a good profile of keywords so that your website is seen as a more credible website than others and therefore you will find it easier to rank for the higher words.



If you decide to stop doing SEO then you don’t need to worry too much about losing all your rankings as they won’t just disappear they will slowly start to drop but that will take a few months to do. But we do recommend you do keep going with it as you will only improve, and get more and more enquiries. If you need help with anything or you need additional information then get into contact with us.

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