Keyword Analysis

When we start SEO (search engine optimization) on your website we analyse the keywords that we think you would most benefit from. We can get your website ranking at the top of the keywords that you want. We will go through your website and optimize all of your content and pages before we start to target the keywords that we have discussed on.



With the help from our software, we will be able to see exactly where you are ranking for the keywords that we are targeting. This software will also tell if you have gone up or down the rankings compared to the last scan. It is important to get more people onto your website but it is just as important to get the right people otherwise your time could be wasted. That is one reason why you need the right people to do the job and that is us we will work closely with you giving you monthly updates on how your website is and how many visitors it got during the month and how your rankings have changed.

Question? The answer is usually yes.