Keyword Analysis Bournemouth

When you start an SEO campaign you need to analyse the keywords that you want to target so that you don’t pick ones that are too big of competition to start off with and to make sure that your keywords get a decent amount of searches each month. You want to have the right balance of keywords, ones you can target straight away to get quickly you also want some keywords that have quite a few searches to work on once you have got the first few lower keywords.



Once you have a solid foundation of SEO rankings you can start to go for the higher searched keywords that have a bigger competition. It’s important to start off with keywords that might not get the most searches to build up your credibility that Google will see you as. The more keywords you have can give your website more credibility than some others and then it will help you to not only rank for more and better keywords but rank higher as well. Get in contact with us if you are interested in any of our services.

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