Animated Explainer Videos

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Animated Explainer Videos.

Animated Explainer videos are key to getting your customers to fully understand your business or service. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to explain the concept of your business or product to a customer. Expect Best can product animated explainer videos which make the process much easier. We have experience in creating animated explainer videos for financial products, accounting, building and other industry sectors. Our animated explainer videos work with the following process:

  1. We create a story board with you as the client, understanding your content and what you would like to promote, this allows us to fully understand the scenes you will need in your animation and ensure that the content is correct for your animated explainer video.
  2. Our designer will polish up the scenes and the content for you to ensure that you are happy with the look and feel of the characters and content, so you are comfortable to sign us over to the next step.
  3. We will animated the content using smooth, clean animation, in high quality digital output. This means you get something in a HD finish that you can be proud of. Our animator will speak to you about the transitions and animations, you will be able to tweak some of the animations speed / timing if needed as well as the transitions between scenes. This will give you the best outcome for you product or service.
  4. We will work with you to check on additional things which will improve the quality to your end user. For example we will potentially subtitle the video if needed. We will also be able to host the animated explainer video for you using our unbranded commercial Vimeo account, so you can share it with confidence there will be no ads.
  5. You will also get a download link to your animated explainer video so that you can at any time share this to your social media platforms as well as website.
  6. We can also work with you if needed to consult on finding a voice over artist to narrate the video. This process allows for amends of pronunciation in the finishing process, and can be lip synced to characters if needed. Please note that this service would require notice before lip syncing is completed.

Let us go now into some more depth on our animated explainer videos and the examples we can provide on how these are key to helping your business.

Animated explainer videos bring life to sometimes otherwise boring information

Bring text as well as graphics to live with your animated explainer video. Give your customers clarity and keep them engaged. The fun of animation is that you can deliver almost any type of content to your viewers, while keeping the costs low because of the graphic visuals rather than needing to use real life props.

Ideal industries & applications for animated explainer videos.

Some industries really suit animated explainer videos. They are the types of industries where the audience consumes information well through animation. Let’s have a look at those types:

Animated explainer videos in education

Education can benefit greatly from an animated explainer video, why? Because they are relatively inexpensive to create and can be unlimited in terms of their visual capabilities. Animated explainer videos create an ideal solution for educational animations, it can target virtually any educational subject type. Animated explainer videos aren’t only suited towards education in children but are great for adults too. They create an ideal platform to deliver information with an interesting vision. This is ideal for keeping the audience engaged and happy to continue consuming the information. This is also great for when a series of videos are needed. It may be that you have many topics to cover and find that animated explainer videos would be a much better solution than just using text or a video which can become reasonably costly. They can also be delivered in a sequential way, so accompany other training material really well. This makes them the ideal option for education.

Animated explainer videos in training

Does your business provide training to people or staff? You may find that animated explainer videos are the most cost effective way to present your training material to your audience.

If you have to deliver training to staff then it may be that the topic or concept isn’t suited to using ordinary video. It may also be too expensive or you may just find that we want to keep people off of the camera! Animated explainer videos are a nice neutral way to teach staff or other personnel via training videos on the topic they are learning. It may be for a new skill, process or training manual. This would be potentially more effective than providing them with simple documentation and would more likely result in them being more engaged in what you have to offer. You may also find that they learn much quicker!

Explainer videos can range from a few seconds long to many minutes, but can guide a user through a step by step process, with supporting documentation if needed.

Training face to face can also be expensive, so by using animated explainer videos this can reduce staffing cost for training, as well as allowing the user to access and view material online at any time if necessary.

Training videos can also make up a series by breaking them into segments which may accompany a course, or training session. They can also be used in translated content, so if you have to deliver training to students in multiple languages the animated explainer video can easily be adjusted in terms of voice over or subtitles for other languages.

If you have a requirement for an animated explainer video for training purposes speak to us and we can demonstrate how easy it can be to produce something which looks great for a reasonable budget.

Animated explainer videos for product tutorials

Does your product need some explaining? Animated explainer videos can clearly demonstrate the way your product works. This may ultimately assist in selling more of the product, by improving the understanding of the product it is more likely to improve the conversion ratio of this product on your website. It will give your buyers confidence with the way in which your product works, and can also increase the attractiveness over using just still images and in a condition where an actual video may be unnecessary or just expensive to produce. We can also use actual product shots within animated explainer videos while adjusting the background to make it more fun and appealing. This can help increase your brand profile by allowing us to bring your brand closer to the products you are selling and keeping your brand consistent across the board.

Animated explainer videos for setup instructions

Does your product or service need setup instructions? Make life easy for your customers and direct them to an animated explainer video for instructions. This will enable them to see an easy ‘how to guide’, reducing damage to products which would have otherwise been setup incorrectly. It can also serve well as a help guide to reduce the burden on support teams within your business. This can help you focus on simply selling the product rather than providing extensive support. It can also help a customer in the future who may have disposed of paper instructions, giving them a reference point at any time. Animated explainer videos for product setup instructions can be very effective and relatively cheap to produce.

Animated explainer videos for specialist products

Is your product that something which is new to the market and needs some explaining to drive the concept home? We can produce a video which does just that. We can explain not only the product but the concept also. When someone understand the concept they will be more likely to purchase the product. After all what is the point in producing an expensive product which otherwise will suffer less sales due to a lack of explanation. We can work with you to understand the key parts of the concept that will affect the customers buying decision and overcome any barriers which may block the purchase of the product. We may also be able to your website FAQs as a way of understanding which of those we may be able to answer in advance. Customer feedback is important in this process as it helps us to understand anything which the customer will otherwise struggle with.

Animated explainer videos for services

Some services are so specialist that they will need an explanation to make it clear how they work. An animated explainer video for services makes it easy to understand how the concept of the service works, as well as the process, its benefits, and how the service can be of value to the customer. By doing this this will potentially increase the chances that the video will convert the visitor into an enquiry. It can also reduce the support load on a business by answering basic customer questions in advance.

Animated explainer videos can also guide the user through how a process works making it much easier to understand. The advantage of that is that it makes it much quicker for a user to engage with the brand and product, making it more likely they will enquire or purchase. This is a massive advantage to a business who usually relies on sales people to convert sales. The cost is one time, and can assist sales people to guide the customer on where to look to find out more information.

Best way to present an animated explainer video.

There are many ways to present an animated explainer video to the customer. The best of these depend on the audience and the way they consume the information. For example if you have an audience which is a younger market then you may need to keep the video casual and easy to understand / simplified so that the market is more likely to respond / engage. If you find that your market is academic, then you may decide to add much more detail to the videos to ensure that there is enough information to retain the interest in relation to that subject area. Potentially your audience is kids. In this case we all know that kids react particularly well to the bright colours and transitions that animations have to offer as well as playing on the creative minds of children.

This gives us the option to edit the delivery & presentation of the video to best suit the audience based on the demographic.

Animated explainer videos and SEO.

Animated explainer videos can also benefit the SEO of your website. By producing high quality animated explainer videos you can also target search phrases on the likes of youtube and vimeo, as well as increasing the quality of the content on your site itself. This means that the videos will usually pay for themselves in time.

Expect Best’s approach to creating an animated explainer video

Our process for creating an animated explainer video is to ensure that we fully understand the criteria of the animated explainer video so that we can create something that connects correctly to the target audience. To do this we must:

  • Research the market we are going to target
  • Understand the core message we are looking to deliver
  • Develop a script
  • Story board the scenes required
  • Get approval from the client for the story board
  • Present animation concepts, designs and ideas.
  • Present a first draft animation
  • Present the animation with more extensive animated effects & a more polished feel
  • Add sound an sub titles if needed
  • Create a voice over if required to match the script. There is also an option for us to lip sync animated characters to match the voice over. If this option is required we would of course have to insert this earlier on in the process.
  • Present a final version to the customer which can be exported in high definition and supplied in a format suitable for the customer to add to their website or other platforms.


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