Latest iphone Mail Settings - August 2013

To setup your emails on the iphone or ipad you will need to check the settings against what our server will allow. If there is a security update from time to time these settings may change. For the latest settings please check below. If you are still having issues please contact our support on 01202 237027.

Below is the settings page for a mail account, to get here you need to go to settings > mail,contacts,calendars > and click the account you would like to edit.

General Settings

You will need to setup your account using your name and your email and password with the host name as

Under the advanced tab you will need to ensure the following settings are matching ours:

The port needs to be 143 for IMAP or 110 for POP3 and the SSL needs to be switched off.

Finally on the outgoing settings click on the field for SMTP (the first box below the outgoing mail server heading) and then click on the next field (primary server) and match the settings below to ours:

The port needs to be set to 25 and the SSL again switched off.

For further support please either call 01202 237027 or email [email protected]

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