Local SEO Services

Our SEO services are efficient, effective and local to you. Our expertise will guide your website to success.

Starting A New SEO Campaign

When we start a new SEO campaign, we make sure that all existing content on the site is fully optimised correctly this includes all the meta content, including the descriptions to make sure that there is nothing Google can mark you down on. We will also do research on your site to identify your target audience and discover what keywords your website would benefit from if we targeted them. We will set you up on our software which we will find out what position all of your keywords are in and when we send you a report at the beginning of every month you will be able to see how much your keywords have improved. You will be set up on Google analytics which will also be included in your report every month. This will have metrics like users that have visited the site during the month, bounce rate, this is the percentage of people that come into the site and leave after only visiting one page. You will also get a write up of what work has been done during the month to improve you SEO. When it comes to choosing your target keywords, we will allow you to choose what you want to target as no-one knows your business better than you do. The added benefit of being local to you is that we can have meetings as regularly as you like to discuss you SEO and how your site is improving and how we can keep it improving at a good rate.

Adding Content

After all our checks are done on the content that is already on the site, we will look to start creating our own pages on your site. When creating this content, we will make sure to stay relevant to your own services that you offer with accuracy so when someone comes across it, to them it will just be another page on your site and not a page that can be seen to be just for SEO. When we are constructing these pages we will need to have images that are relevant to each service of yours, we can source these images ourselves but if you already have good quality images and videos you would like us to use then that would be very helpful in the making of your campaign. Google likes content with images and video as these are better for user experience and make the users time on your site so much better. Once we have created a page, we can scan the page to make sure that it is as optimised as we can get it so we can assure you that every page we do on your site will be the best it can be. Based on your business we can create content that targets a local area like Dorset and Hampshire, or we can target nationwide so the whole UK can search and find your site. You can also provide us with worded content if you feel that a service or product needs to be explained in a certain way. This will help us improve the accuracy of content we are writing, if you are unable to send us worded content then we can research the industry you are trading in so we can create accurate content.

Improving Your Targets

When you have a look at our reports every month you will see improvements you might have certain goals for each keyword, once you reach these goals you don’t want to stop there. The competition is constantly improving their own keywords and if you stop doing SEO work with us, they will eventually get ahead of you. If you keep on doing SEO work with us you will stay ahead of the competition. By targeting new words, you will still see improvements from your other keywords because when adding more and more content Google may credit your site as the content on there is seen as relevant and a good source of information therefore Google will rank you higher even if you aren’t always directly working on that specific keyword. We will be keeping a close eye on all the keywords and Google metrics, therefore if we see a slight drop from a keyword or site visitors, we can focus our work the next month on that keyword. You can always call us to discuss new targets and goals whenever you feel like you have reach one of your targets.


With every SEO campaign backlink are very much essential, we can build these up for you as part of the campaign. It is important to get as many backlinks as you can, Google will see how many backlinks you have and will give your site a better credibility based on what sites you are getting backlinks from. But there are methods of gaining backlinks that Google doesn’t like. There are sites that will sell you backlinks and spam your site link on multiple sites along with many others, Google will most likely recognise this and will punish your site for trying to fabricate backlinks. That is why it is always best to leave it to the Professional SEO Services people, Us. We will make sure that every backlink we get is legit and has no chance of negatively effecting your rankings. These backlinks we can do on Facebook, Instagram and other social medias. But we can also get back links from other sites you may be associated with.