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Social media is a very good way of keeping in contact with customers and potential clients. Posting regular updates can be a very good way to keep people interested in your services. When they see a service or product they like, it might persuade them to purchase your services. It is always good to have a present on Social media as over half of consumers have discovered a brand through Facebook. That is a significant number and a big audience to promote yourself to. We can help you find a good strategy that works with you and your business. We will be able to target your audience and get a good amount of engagements to build up your social media following and get people from social media to visit your website.


SEO which is also known as Search Engine Optimisation, is a method or process where we will optimise the content on your site and add our own content to target certain keywords. If you look at the amount of people you are getting onto your site every week, we can help you increase that along with the amount of time that people stay on your site for and how many pages they visit while on the site. The main cause for this up rise in the visitors to your site will be from the organic searches and the reasoning to do seo is that you will see your organic rankings improve. We will target a bunch of keywords that we think are relevant to the products and services you are offering you can also contribute to the keywords we target as you know your business better than anyone else. When acquiring the keywords, we will need to know if your services are local or national so we can target specific areas based on where you are based and how far your services extend out to. While doing seo we will keep you up to date with a report at the beginning of every month to update you on the keywords we are targeting and what rankings they are you will also be able to see if the keyword has improved since the last month or not. We will also send you metrics from google analytics so you can see the amount of people that have been on your site in the last month and you will also be able to see things like bounce rate. This is the percentage of people that come onto the site and only visit one page and then exit the site. Our strategy for our clients is always different, that is because all of our clients have different businesses that need to be strategized in different ways. But there is one thing that is always certain, our clients are always happy with the work we do and the progress we make with their site.

Google AdWords

This is a quick way to get yourself to the first page on the google rankings, but as an ad. You can use this strategy if you are starting a seo campaign and while your keywords are climbing up the rankings you can have paid ads to still get enquires until the organic searches take over. We recommend that you only keep the AdWords campaign going on for a short period of time. This is because the paid ads can be costly and not always profitable.

Email Campaign

Once you have built a relationship with your existing client base email marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with them, and keep them updated with everything happening with your business. Once a customer has brought something from you it is then much easier to get them to purchase again. As long as these customers have opted in to receive your marketing emails you will be able to send them promotional material to encourage them to come back and purchase another product or service from you.

Data Collection

We have some great data collection forms, our first one is our simple data collection form which will email you all the results from the form when people submit the form. It will also save all of the data that has been collected from the form and put it into a database so you have all the information in one place. You can export this data base into an excel document so you can then import all the information into software like Mailchimp to send out marketing material. We also have a form with an online editor. This has all the features our first form has but with a response email that goes out the client/customer that has submitted a form/enquiry to let them know it has been received. This will stop customers thinking that their form hasn’t gone through, as they will receive a conformation email. With this form you can also access the data anytime you want. We can do multiple forms for your website with you need different forms for different types of enquires.


When you own a business, you know what results you want to get but you don’t always know the correct path to get there. That is why our consultancy services are so important and we can help you get into the right path in the digital world. You may just need some assistance in your current affairs or we can help you build a whole new strategy to help you reach your goals. We have worked with a lot of business that all have their own unique requirements when it comes to results but there is one main goal, they all have in mind and that is to increase their revenue. We can help you build an audience, create content, build your brand image and ultimately increase your sales. Speak to us today to find out exactly how we can help you go further online.

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