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Search Engine Optimisation can have a big effect on your business as your rankings on Google can determine the number of people that come onto your site and see your products and services. People are constantly searching for businesses like yours and if you aren’t near the top of the Organic Google Searches you may be missing out on potential clients. With us, we can build a campaign for you to target all the necessary keywords to boost your site visitors and ultimately get you more enquires. The content we create will be optimised fully and we can assure you that our work will be able to slingshot your website to its full potential, you may not see results straight away and that is why we recommend having the campaign going for at least 6 months to then start seeing the benefit come through. In the result of our work, you will see site visitors go up as you will be climbing up the organic search results. You will also see the bounce rate go down as you will now be targeting an audience that is specifically looking for your services and will want to explore the site in more detail. The way we track the progress of your site is through our keyword scanning software that will tell us where you are rankings for your keywords and if they have moved up positions or down compared to the results from the last month, We will put all of this information in a report for you and send it to you at the beginning of every month. We will also include a Google analytics report that will tell you the number of people that have entered your site and you can also see other bits of data like the amount of time people spend on your site. This information can help you understand how much progress your site is making.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with the world. This can be a huge benefit to you as you can stay in contact with all of your clients, keep them up-to-date with all the latest that is going on with your business. A lot of business faces the problem of not being able to have the time to do social media posts, this is why we are here, we can help you post regular updates onto your social media page so that you don’t have to. You can post anything you like job updates, before and after pictures from your recent jobs to promote the services you do. Facebook and Instagram are the favourites to post on as these are where people are most active and are more likely to see the things that are being posted onto your page. We can design particular posts to make them look professional and impressive so that it catches the eye of your potential clients. We can also help you set up Facebook ads if you want to boost some of your posts on social media, we have done campaigns before for our clients and they have been very successful. One technique that can help grow your social pages quite significantly and this is through giveaways. If you can get people to like your post, tag a friend in the comments and follow your page for entry to the giveaway then you will find that your social page will grow very quickly as people always love something that is free. If you are a local business we can boost this post to a certain location or radius to target a specific audience.

Email Marketing

If you already have a big customer base email marketing can be a great way to stay in touch with them as you will already have that relationship in place. Whether you just want to update your customer base with what is going on with your business at that current time or you want to give them a discounted service the next time they come to you for work to be done. We can build a campaign that can contain anything you want it to and will be able to reach as many email addresses as you have. Email marketing can be a great solution for anyone. We can take All of your needs for a campaign and make it a reality for you. With our data collection forms you will be able to keep expanding the amount of people you will be targeting in these campaigns.


If you want to target more people but don’t want to wait for SEO to take affect you can get quick results from AdSense You can speak to us about what the best strategy would be for your business. This method can be expensive and not always profitable but is good to get quick results and shouldn’t be used for a lengthy campaign.

Photography & Video Production

Our services also expand to doing photography and videography. Updating your website’s images and graphics can help refresh your website and make it look as good as new. Our team can come out to you and take pictures of whatever you need for your website and other things like social media. When taking photos we can take a 360-degree photo of your office or workspace and put this onto your website. This type of content will make your website look better and more interesting to your users as they can learn more about your business.

We can also film videos for you when we come to take photos. This video could be an explainer video that can go into detail on one or more of your services if you feel like some people may not understand. Or you could have a promotion like a video to show off a product of yours. Our team can then edit these videos for you and put them onto our commercial Vimeo account so you can share these videos on your website and social media easily.

We can offer you an animated video service which you may find to be easier as we can make these videos without taking up much of your time. We can do an explainer video for you like mentioned earlier where you could talk about a service or product and it will help people understand it. We can get our designer to create a storyboard of the animation for you to look at. Once you are happy with the storyboard our team will create the animation and export it in a Full HD video for you.

Data Collection

Our data collection forms are a good way to get useful information from your users on your website that are willing for you to contact them about your services and products. Our first form which is a simple form we can provide you with. This form contains the results emailed to you, the saves all the data into a database so you can use this information for email campaigns and other marketing strategies. There is also an option to export it into an excel document, to make it easier to import information into email marketing software and other platforms that need the information. Our Next form we can do for you has all of the features the first one has but also has client response email, this is a useful feature as it will let the customer know that their enquiry has been received automatically so they aren’t left in the dark to whether it has been received or not. You will be able to access the data at anytime you please. Our final form is an independent data collection system which has all of the feature from our other two forms and with the added feature of having multiple forms and multiple users that can access these forms at anytime so you have forms for different types of enquires and have it so it is more compatible to your different services and products.


Web design

When you are marketing yourself online it is always good to have a modern website that functions properly. A lot of businesses don’t always understand the importance of having a website that engages your audience and makes them interested in your services. We can have a meeting with you to discuss all of your needs for the website and what kind of functionality you need on the website as well, this could be eCommerce, booking system or anything that you need on the website. We will also ask for what colours and images you want to have on the website. Once we have all of the information, we need we will pass all of it onto our designer who will create some designs based on what you said you wanted. Once we have created these designs, we will pass them onto you and then you can give us feedback on what you think about the designs and we can make any amends to them if needed. We can also design pages for mobile so you can see what your website will look like on a mobile device and we can also design extra pages if you wish us to. Once you are happy with all of the designs and are ready to go to the next stage, we will pass the designs onto our development team.

Web Development

Our development team are very effective and efficient with every single site they build. They are very good with being accurate to the designs so what you see on the designs is what you will see on the webpage. When we first start to work on the site, we have to make sure that you have a domain name, a server to run the site on and we will use a CMS (content management system) that we use for every site. If you don’t have a domain name or a server to run your site on, we can help you by purchasing it for you and putting you on our own server for a yearly hosting fee. The CMS we use is WordPress this is because we believe that this is the best system to have your site running on because of the security benefits you get from the site and the plugins you can use to make your site function in the way you want it to. For example, if you want your site to be eCommerce, we can use a series of plugins to ensure it functions correctly and you have all the features you want on the site. There is no job too big or small for us, if you are a small business that just wants to get their services out there on a simple site, we can do that for you. If you are a big corporate company that needs a big eCommerce site that functions in a certain particular way, we can also do that for you our team are versatile and can work on any scale. While developing your site we can send our team over to your office or workplace to take photos and images to use of the new site to make it look that extra bit brand new and modern. We have very high-quality cameras that can capture anything you need it to.

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