About Us

Expect Best Ltd was established in 2010, and has over 250 clients nationally and abroad. We work closely with our clients to help build their brand online, going past website design and development we actively seek out ways to help promote our clients online.

We are a small team based in Poole, Dorset and have a mixture of creative, technical & business minded people working full time.



(Managing Director)

Alex has over 12 years of website design experience, he also has a degree in software development and business. Combined, this gives Alex the skills he needs to understand how software applies to a businesses needs and how best to implement a solution.



(Head of Creative)

Liam has years of experience in photoshop and other graphics based applications to ensure that all our clients benefit from the latest design trends. He has a high level of attention to detail and always wants his designs to look ‘just right’.



(Media Management)

Ryan is our expert in the field of media, bringing knowledge of photography, videography and has a passion for learning the latest tech to bring new ideas to the table.



(Search Engine Optimisation Specialist)

Jacob is the operations manager, looking after the day to day aspects of the business to ensure it all runs smoothly. Jacob is also our SEO manager and works with all our SEO projects to create strategy that is designed to give our clients the most value for money.



(Account & Web Development Manager)

Ethan is working closely on numerous new projects to ensure that clients are communicated with quickly and effectively. He works on SEO, coding and strategic marketing projects.



(Marketing & Lead Generation)

Hugh is our newest member of the team, he specialises in marketing and helping our customers select the right service for their needs.