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We help businesses develop online by implementing internet based marketing strategies & campaigns. We help them increase revenue by re-connecting to their existing customers as well as attaining new data, leads and customers through online marketing platforms and connecting to their ‘offline’ campaigns.

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Web Design Bournemouth
Web Design Bournemouth – What we offer

Web Design Bournemouth – What we offer

Our website design service is completely flexible, we can build websites for you which are as small as a single page design, to websites which contain hundreds of thousands of pages. Servicing mainly Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch we have built up hundreds of local clients who choose us for not just their website design but also for graphic design, printing, 360 camera work, hosting & server admin and more. We offer a full strategy service which means taking your brand and delivering an online result, building a strategy behind what your online activity is and how this will generate more business via online enquiries. We make your website work for you as a business tool, enabling your business to use it for lead generation and sales.

Joomla Web design

Expect Best use Joomla to design a large majority of our websites, it creates sleek, well-balanced feel and always gives great results. Having a more structured and well-built web presence gives your customers confidence in you and are more likely to contact you. Joomla is a content management system (CMS) which allows to you connect your website to a database in order to make the process easier on both sides(Site manager and visitor). Joomla has a larger and active developer community ensure that new content is always added, meaning there are thousands of unique, helpful extensions and templates.

Magento Web Design

For clients who need to input a large number of products into their website, Magneto web design is the way forward. It gives us a flexible shopping cart system, as well as a large amount of control over how we want the site to look e.g. the content and functionality. Magneto also offers a reliable marketing, this includes search engine optimization and other catalogue-management tools. Expect Best uses Magneto for our local e-commerce clients as it scales well to fit each and every business, this is due to the fact that it allows the users to use only a few products or use tens of thousands of products and add-in complex custom behaviour without having to change platform. In addition to this, it also offers a variety of plug-ins and adjustable themes, this can improve the experience that the client is able to experience.

WordPress Web design

WordPress started as a basic blogging platform and has over time developed into one of the most commonly used CMS systems to date, this is due to its constant ability to provide flexibility and simplicity. WordPress allows us to give clients a simple, yet effective website. Once we have your design finished we can send you test links to ensure that the website fits you. After completion, our web design Bournemouth Company can offer assistance by making any changes that are requested or by applying general updates to the system.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress has a huge variety of plugins and they all have different purposes and roles in websites. Our web design Bournemouth company use some of these to add an extra flare to websites that we create to give them the feel that the client wants. Some of these plugins include;

MonsterInsight – Monster insight is the middle man plugin between WordPress & Google analytics. It allows you to see and learn more about who is visiting your website (When, where and how many people). Our web design Bournemouth uses Monsterinsight for the majority of its sites as it is simple and easier to set up. It is also great for our clients to see how we are doing and Monsterinsight enables us to do that. If you have anymore questions then do please give our web design Bournemouth company a call.

Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most popular plugins that is used. Yoast allows you to optimise your website for specific search engines such as Google or Bing. Yoast search specific pages for keywords that you have picked and tells you how good you SEO is for the certain page. From there, our web design Bournemouth company can spend more time optimising your websites text so the number or leads you are getting increases. Yoast SEO has two main features which are adding meta tags & optimising your website so you can get it to the top of search engines rankings. Another feature of Yoast is telling our web design Bournemouth company when the readability of the text is poor, this then allows us to edit text and fit it to the client’s needs.

Contact Form 7 – this contact form can manage multiple contact forms at the same time, it also offers the ability to customize the different parts of the form creating flexibility. In addition to this the contact form also allows the user to add a feedback form, so your business can gain vital information on how you could improve. Our web design Bournemouth company uses these contact forms to stop spam as there is a capache, so your business won’t receive those endless spam emails. We also use this plugin to create a sleek & simple design on our websites that we create.


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress that offers thousands of different plugins and themes. Our web design Bournemouth company use Woocommerce for our merchant & shop based websites as it is great for displaying multiple images. There are thousands of plugins for Woocommerce, here are some of the top used plugins;

Metrilo Woocommerce analytics – Metrilo is a plugin that helps businesses monitor/track your store’s performance and it also helps optimise your marketing spend. Our web design Bournemouth company use this plugin to track actions on sites, see sales and where the top sales are coming from. We also use this to profile our customers to gain useful information to fit our marketing around them.

Yith Zoom Magnifier – Yith is a plugin that enables the users to zoom in on images by simply hovering over the image. You can also add sliders and thumbnails to images which can be useful for customers. In addition to this YITH also offer a product filter which enables the customer to refine their search so they can find the product that they are looking for quicker & easier.

Stripe payment gateway – Stripe is a simple way to accept payments through your store/website. Stripe much like Paypal, is easy, simple and fast to use and only takes a few minutes to create an account. Our web design Bournemouth company use Stripe on multiple sites as it offers an alternative to PayPal. If you have any further questions about stripe then please do give our web design Bournemouth company a call.

Currency Switcher – Every website needs to be capable of changing the currency (currency conversion). Customers are very unlikely to purchase a product with your site if they can’t see the products prices in their local currency. This plugin pulls the exchange rate in real-time directly from Yahoo finance, so it is always accurate and up to date with the current rates. Our Web design Bournemouth company uses currency switcher on multiple sites and find that it opens up the number of clients that businesses get.


Shopify is e-commerce platform that runs on its own system, it gives us the capacity to quickly configure and build sites based on pre-designed templates. Shopify may not be as flexible and customizable as other CMS’s but this ability to create websites quickly and professionally means that it is a heavily used system. Shopify also provides you with a plugin style platform and this allows you to download, install and then customise your site, better your sales and the impact that your social media has. Some of the other features that it provides include inventory management, accounting, and general business reports. Shopify has additionally created detailed data analysis and different marketing capabilities, that include built in a blog for companies to create content and market their products. This is essential as blogging is one of the best ways that a company can increase their online visibility and SEO rankings.

One Page Web Design

One page sites are essentially a single page website that uses one HTML page for all the design. The navigation on the site is used to scroll down through the site or have the ability to jump to specific parts that the visitor may want to read. These single page sites immerse the user into a simple linear experience. we find that clients, due to its ability to create simple & effective design use One Page for marketing projects that draw the consumer, having this format also means that One Page designs fit perfectly with the smooth mobile platform. For any more information don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Divi Web Design

What is Divi? Divi is a WordPress plugin that enables the user to essentially drag and drop text and images into a modules website. Our web design Bournemouth company uses Divi for the majority of its sites as it gives us a clean, sleek designs that look professional every time. What does Divi consist of? It consists of different modules that make up each site that you build, each module has different settings and can be set to do different actions, for example, you can set a module to contain an image and then in a separate module you can insert text to go with the image. Overall Divi is easy to use and offers a large number of different options to allow us to fine craft each and every website to fit the client.

Hosting Web Design

Web hosting, it is a service that allows companies to post a website or web pages onto the internet. A web host is a business that provides the know-how and technologies needed to get websites or pages able to be seen online. Our web design Bournemouth Company hosts nearly all of our clients, this is everything from websites to email. Being able to provide such a large range of services means that the client can get all they need in one place, saving them both time & money.

 Mobile Web Design

Many clients want to offer another platform for their customers to access their website to open up the number of visitors/potential customers they have. Mobile sites offer a simple version of the main site and this means that customers can access the content quickly and easily.The Creation of mobile sites are relatively simple and it usually doesn’t involve changing your original site, if there are a lot of changes that need to be made we can make a separate mobile site. Our web design Bournemouth company can also offer the ability to create a site that fits all of the platforms (desktop, tablet & mobile). This means you can get the look you want for your company throughout all the platforms. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give our web design Bournemouth company a call and one of our friendly staff will tell you any further information that you need.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this is the name that is given to any activity that tries to advance search engine rankings, for example, Google Rankings. The way that Google works is that it displays the pages that have the most relevant links (Keywords) to watch you are searching such as ‘decorators in Bournemouth’ and then lists the website that has the most links in common. Google also promotes authority pages to the top of its rankings, so the main job of companies is to become an authority page. To achieve this it involves writing content that people find interesting and useful to them, creating this content then means that there is higher chance to be shared on platforms like twitter, blogs and facebook. After time Google then recognises these authority links and boosts the rankings of websites. Our web design Bournemouth company aims to increase the amount of traffic/visitors that enter your site to up the sales of products/or service. The main way we do this is by improving the content on your website, ensuring that there are the right keywords or links to the specific field that your business is in.

 E-Commerce Web Design

We have worked with multiple e-commerce systems which have all been tailored to suit our customer requirements. Our web design Bournemouth company have created a strategy for e-commerce or developing an understanding of what is required for the client and then building the most efficient solution. To demonstrate we may ask the client how many products they intend to sell, this allows us to see if they need a heavy duty store system such as Magento, or they need to allow other people to sell on their store we might use the Joomla platform for flexibility. We have also worked with e-commerce systems which plugin to WordPress and have also built standalone shopping systems. If you are interested in any e-commerce work please do give us a call and find out more.

Video Animation – Web Design Bournemouth

Sometimes you need something which just can’t be filmed. Add colour and fun to your brand with an animated video. Our web design Bournemouth company can use it to explain products & services, as well training materials. Animated videos can be annotated also to ensure that people still see your message while watching without sound. Break something down from 1000 words into a simple sales video, explainer video, or training material. Use the advanced stats to monitor number of plays, and also improve your website optimisation with videos optimised towards your website keywords. Do you have a complex product or service? Maybe you need to provide some instructions? We know most people prefer to watch a video which delivers content in a timely manner. Need any videos produced for your business? Give our web design Bournemouth company a call and we can give your business it’s own bespoke animated video.

Web Security – Web Design Bournemouth

It is no longer possible to just pop a website online and forget about it. Due to the number of increasing and changing hacking methods online, it is now mandatory that websites are updated to keep them protected from these threats, similar to the way your computer at home or work needs security updates. Our Web Design Bournemouth company has developed a website security package which is able to block most known threats to your website. It also includes a backup and restores service should something go wrong (provided the website is hosted on our servers). This should give you more peace of mind that your website will be better protected from the numerous daily hack attempts that websites experience. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give our web design Bournemouth company a call.

Email Marketing – Web Design Bournemouth

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, where businesses send customers or potential customers an email to try and convince them to invest or spend money on their service or product. There are endless varieties of email marketing strategies and our web design Bournemouth company use most of them. One way we help businesses reach their customer base is by using MailChimp, This helps us design all the different parts of the email campaign and then once we have sent the campaign out to the clients customers, it then tracks all the different information, such as bounce rate, number of clicks on the different links and much more. Our web design Bournemouth company can advise you through each step and help improve the amount of traffic that is entering your website.

Social Media – Web Design Bournemouth

Social Media is the bread and butter of any company that has an online presence. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter collectively have over 2 billion users and if your company is not taking advantage of accessing a portion of those users then you are at a huge disadvantage. Our web design Bournemouth company offer a package where we can manage your business social media, we use a program called Buffer which allows us to schedule in different social media posts, so you reach the most amount of customers. Being well represented online is one of the most important aspects of online marketing as potential customers get their first impression from social media pages and websites. There are many other benefits of using social media for your business, here a few of them;

Gaining customer Insight

Social media such as Facebook generates a huge amount of data that you can use to benefit your business, every day there are over 400 million Tweets, 4 billion likes of Facebook and 100 million photos being uploaded to Instagram. If your business can take just a portion of these users attention it can create a big ripple effect. In addition to this social media also increased your businesses brand awareness & in some cases loyalty. Having a social media presence makes it easier for customers to find and connect with you and your business, having this connection can then increase things such as retention rates. If you need any of your social media managed then please do give our web design Bournemouth company a call on 01202 237 027.

Giving rich customer experience

Social Media enables you to connect with your customer on different platforms, therefore giving them a richer experience with your company. Research has shown 67 % of people go to the businesses social media for customer service, this shows how important it is for your business to look & act professionally. Our web design Bournemouth company can manage and help your social media presence, we have recently worked with Level Hair offering a competition and this campaign managed to reach over seven thousand people. If you need any social media work provided for your business our web design Bournemouth company will be happy to help you along the way.

Increasing website traffic and SEO rankings – web design Bournemouth

One huge advantage of having a social media presence is that your business is able to advertise the business its self, link & forward people to the website and your companies products. As well as helping traffic, social media also enables businesses search engine rankings to increase. If say a Tweet that you post goes viral for ‘social media for your business’ search engines will pick up on this and usually rank your business higher for that chosen word or phrase. In addition to increasing web traffic, social media also offers the ability for companies to share and post content quickly. Social media is a lot like an email campaign, however, it allows you to reach a lot larger market all at the same time. If you keep up regular content that is of a good quality, customers should start to react and purchase your service or product. If you need help with any social media work then please do give our web design Bournemouth company a call or drop us an email at Sales@expectbest.co.uk.

Finding what your competitors are doing – web design Bournemouth

Social media is a great way to gain beneficial information about your companies competitors. Having this information will mean that your business is able to change its strategies and work around the market and how it changes. An example of this would be another business focusing on certain keywords to raise its ranking on Google and other search engines, your company can then counteract this and hopefully keep your current rankings or improve similar words that they are targeting. Another great bonus that comes with creating social media profiles is that you build relationships, social media isn’t all about selling your product. It’s a two-way street, where you have the chance to gain a good relationship with each individual customer. An example of this would be offering deals to loyal customers who follow your social media accounts. If you need a free SEO report to see how your company is competing, then please do give our web design Bournemouth company a call on 01202 237 027.

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